I’ve been re-manufacturing cartridges since 1998 - back then there was only a dozen different of them if that. And by very modest estimate I personally have build more that 30 thousand of them by this day. There are few things people need to know about cartridges because there are definitely misconceptions. Truth #1. -  YOU DO SAVE MONEY.  And this is true, re-manufactured cartridges will save you money. In most cases remans are 50%-70% of price of originals, sometimes even less. But if the deal sounds too good to be true - it probably isn’t. There’s profound difference between “dirt cheap” and “inexpensive” or “reasonably priced”. Common mistake people make is buying “dirt cheap” and making conclusions about whole industry based on their unhappy experience. Use your common sense - and always consult with professionals. Truth #2. -  Quality is almost the same as OEM. No matter what you are promised by sales man - re-manufactured cartridges for 95% of existent types of printers would produce printouts of less quality then original. Quality of reman. cartridges can range in somewhere between 75%-95% of original. But it will hardly ever can reach 100%. There are obviously some exceptions from the rule - some Lexmark cartridges,some Brother cartridges, even latest HP once (35A, 36A, 78A, 85A) which would make copy better than original.But those are exceptions. You should know that re-manufactured cartridges are excellent choice for bulk printing, rough to medium work, cost sensitive printing etc. If you are doing really fine work - especially in colour- you should rely on genuine OEM supplies. How good your reman. cartridge will print depends on experience of your technician. Truth #3. Quality of remanufactured cartridge depends on experience of remanufacturer. In our industry there are only a hand full of suppliers of materials and parts for re-manufacturing of cartridges. And even for them is hard to make toner powder which would match exactly OEM characteristics - especially when product is new. In some instances to reach better results is enough to switch to different toner powder, in other cases no matter what you do - problem persists because of poor design of a printer. Some manufacturers of printers intentionally “kill” microchips of re-manufactured products when unsuspecting users would download and install recommended firmware update for their printer. This is why when you plan to use re-manufactured cartridges, and looking to buy a new printer- look for advice before you made  a purchase.